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About us

Alternative Fuel has been a staple to Downtown Rapid City since opening in 2006. November of 2018 ushered in change to the hometown coffee shop when the Griffin family purchased the store. 

Owner Patti Griffin said, "It was with gentle suggestions and upward graces that our family decided to purchase Alternative Fuel." 

Griffin, a stay-at-home Mom of four made the decision that she was ready to move into a new phase of life. With the support of her family who pledged love, forgiveness, and patience while she made the transition into not only a working mother but a business owner. 

"My husband, Blake, has taken the biggest life change with me. We have been a team for over twenty years. With his help and acceptance, we decided, together, that this new adventure was right for us," said Griffin. 

The Griffin's moved to Rapid City in 2006 from North Dakota where Blake Griffin completed his graduate studies at the University of North Dakota. 


"We moved to Rapid City and purchased a home on the outskirts of town, knowing that we are going to raise our growing family in the space and grace of the beautiful terrain of the Black Hills," explained Griffin, "Our children, Keithen, Sumner, Aidon, and Anson have known the Hills to be their only home. It is our hope that visitors to the area will find these beautiful Black Hills and surrounding towns just as wonderful and embracing as we have." 

Alternative Fuel is open seven-days-a-week, with the exception of blizzard conditions and major holidays. 

"No matter if you stop in to visit today or a year from now, we'll always greet you and wish you well on your departure," said Griffin. 

Who's Filling Up Your Cup?

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The Griffin Family with Joel & Luke Smallbone of For King And Country,  August 2019

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