Refuel with Alternative Fuel!

Alternative Fuel, is adjacent to Main Street Square and features a full-service espresso bar, fruit smoothie bar & eatery.

Enjoy FREE Wi-Fi and indoor or outdoor seating!

Our baristas: handcraft all specialty drinks and gourmet food when ordered.

Our bottom line: provide first class customer service, and make every person feel as if they’re at home.

Our coffee: use 100% Arabica beans and expedite the process so all beans are ground just before use and roasted only weeks before being brewed.

Our food: our gourmet food is made from experts, specially crafted for you.

Our commitment: to use recyclable and reusable products as much as possible, for our coffee sleeves, to go drinks, and merchandise.

Our future: keep innovating, creating, and serving our community by providing world class products and service.

Our mission: to energize and awaken every person, family and community one cup at a time.